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News (8/2/2002): A much, much overdue update. And I'm sorry to say that it isn't even that big. I added reviews of Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Simple Plan, and Zebrahead. Of course I'm sure you have already downloaded most of those songs by now anyways. Oh well. My next update will be larger and hopefully soon. I have gotten some hot tips on bands and songs from some people and so I just have to get finished listening to those.

Basically, for every band I give three notable songs, which are either the most popular, my favorite, or a combination of both. From these you can see if you want more songs from that band or if you don't like them. This isn't a comprehensive list, only the bands I listen to, so I will add more as I hear more. Also, these are mainly punk bands or close to it. If you think I should add a band or want to tell me about some songs from a band, my e-mail is and my AIM SN is snorkle200.

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